Release Notes - Ver 20.211 - February 21, 2022


Easy Setup for Customer Journey Stages attributes

Improved editing experience for Customer Journey Stages attributes (and every other Lifecycle attributes) to customize customers journey stages



Invite Users Improvements

Invite new users button was moved from the left menu to the app's top bar. A user friendly Invite Users dialog is introduced also from Totango Users screen (in Settings)




Bug Fixes and Improvement

  • [Improvement] increase CDH headers length limit to 202 (specifically useful for usage data headers Module##Activity where Module and Activity can be 100 characters each)
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, Account Roles attributes sent with Webhooks were coming up with empty values. After the fix, and in order to fix take effect, All Account Roles must be removed and re-added inside JSON advanced edit, finally run test Webhook to save changes and resolve the issue.
  • [Bug Fix] Submitting a Form could result in an error until submitted the second time. After the fix, forms are submitted without issues.
  • [Bug Fix] The Daily segment subscription emails was not sent to users. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] The Team Spotlight "Work focus" tab did not populate the data for all users. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] For users on Trial and Community services only, once overwriting the global footer settings for campaigns, the Totango watermark was duplicated. This issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When the user access "My Customers" view in My Portfolio, the text was out of the text box. This issue has been fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, when user dynamically renames an item on the list/multi attribute, it caused an internal data conflict causing wrong calculation on health metric and missing new name of attribute from segment. To prevent the issue from occurring, renaming existing items no longer possible.
  • [Bug Fix] Change was not shown when editing collection columns order until page was refreshed. After the fix, columns change is visible immediately.

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