Release Notes - Ver 20.210 - February 7, 2022

Introducing the Objectives Library

The Objectives Library enables you to define standardized sets of objectives that your team can leverage to create value for your customers. This brand new feature reduces manual work for your team and ensures that everyone within your organization is driving customers towards the right outcomes.

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You Asked. We Listened and Delivered!

Customer Experience Canvas: New copy experience for Campaigns and SuccessPlays

Customer Experience Canvas enhancement: We have enhanced the experience of copying Campaigns and SuccessPlays so that you can copy content directly into specific folders and tracks on the Customer Experience Canvas.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, the numbers are rounded using 2 decimal places in the campaign when using dynamic number attribute. After the fix, the full number value appears as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] When reassigning resources, the owner of the SuccessPlay was not updated, this happened when the owner of the SuccessPlay was an account assignment role. After the fix, the owner of the SuccessPlay, is updated as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, a comma was missing from the date in the campaign when using the dynamic date attribute. After the fix, the date value appears as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] User was unable to send 'Contact Sales' form. This issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When copying a segment from Global SuccessBloc, we had an issue that the segment did not save as expected. After the fix, the segment appears as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] In Score Teams, When the default team user is defined as "Team Admin", new users that are created as "regular user" were created as Global admins instead. After the fix, the users are created as defined.
  • [Bug Fix] Editing 'Destination Page' that has an uploaded image resulted in removing the uploaded image. This issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When creating a health profile, custom metric attributes in the health dimension could not be added to the profile. After the fix, All the attributes are accessible for the health profile.
  • [Bug Fix] When moving between attributes using the add attributes function, the list of values was not changed between attributes. After the fix, the values are as defined for each attribute.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, a user with 'Design health profile and Criteria' permissions, was able to see the 'recalculate health' but not actually click and trigger a recalculation of the health. After the fix, the user should be able to recalculate the health.
  • [Bug Fix] When creating a custom metric for accounts, if the value is "divided by zero", the value did not appear in segments. This issue is fixed
  • [Bug Fix] When sending an NPS-type campaign, the NPS responses widget did not show information. This issue is fixed
  • [Bug Fix] When using a health metric scorecard, and filtering the view for a specific user, the scorecard did not show the correct number of assigned accounts for each user. After the fix, the metric is aligned with the user’s accounts.
  • [Bug Fix] Segment displayed 0 results when "Is in segment" had a revenue metric filter (e.g. Renewed accounts or Renewable accounts). After the fix, the segment with the filter selected will be shown as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, It was possible to delete a metric that is being used in a SuccessPlay. After the fix, when trying to delete a metric used, you get an alert before completing the deletion.
  • [Bug Fix] Naming an account with tilde or accent characters resulted gibberish as account name. After the fix, Accounts can be named with tilde and accent characters will be shown properly.
  • [Bug Fix] Before the fix, integration failed without an explanation. After the fix, the error message will indicate that a field used in the job was deleted from Salesforce.

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