Release Notes - Ver 20.209 - January 24, 2022

Account assignment walkthrough from 'Settings: Home'

Admins can see a walkthrough on how to assign their accounts to their team from the Settings Home screen


Improved zero state design for Scorecards and My Portfolio

For Multidimensional health, Improved design zero state design for Scorecards and My Portfolio



You Asked. We Listened and Delivered!

Customer Data Hub inbound jobs: Allow entity creation without account creation

For son-entities inbound jobs (users, tasks, touchpoints, collections) , Allow new entity creation without new account creation


Campaign targeted users are available on the timeline

Campaign targeted users are available on the account profile timeline for a quick access

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • [Improvement] When activating a sync from SFDC and one line exceeds the max characters (255), there is a detailed error message with the failed line. The job continues with the rest of the upload.
  • [Improvement] Users failed to Sync Touchpoint between Totango and Salesforce with error code: 9000. This was an outbound job failure due to exceeding a limit of number of characters in a field on a touchpoint. The enchantment was improving the limit validator of the Salesforce sync, providing an error on the item exceeding the limit and preventing the entire sync from failing due to a single touchpoint error.
  • [Bug fix] When opening a create child account form, the created type field displayed all type options and not only the type defined in the form. After the fix, the child account type should be the type chosen in the form settings.
  • [Bug fix] When searching for accounts in Totango mobile app, account types with very long values did not fit the mobile page. After the fix, the account types should fit the mobile view as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] When coping a segment that includes an attribute "is in segment: XXX" in the same SuccessBloc, it was not saved. After the fix, the segment could be copied to the same segment with the extension of "_copy"
  • [Bug Fix] Users were unable to upload logo and enter color hex code on a campaign unsubscribe page on the campaign settings. This issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Using the Free Zoe, trying to select a pre-defined public Slack channel resulted an error: “no matches found”. After the fix, it is possible to see and select public Slack channels.
  • [Bug Fix] Some types of attributes of the SuccessPlay were showing up with their Internal attributes names on the UI. This issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When replying to a touchpoint email, the Touchpoint did not log to Totango. After the fix, the reply email creates a touchpoint as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] When a user edited a saved public segment, the edit window presented the segment as private. After the fix, the edit window now reflects the correct state of the segment (public/private)
  • [Bug Fix] When changing the name of a dimension, the dimension appeared duplicated in the segment (updated and previous name). After the fix, the dimension appears only with the updated name
  • [Bug Fix] Users without permissions were able to see the settings gear icon in the health widget. After the fix, only admins will be able to configure the 'Health trend currency threshold'
  • [Bug Fix] In the Salesforce connector, integrations failed without an explanation when a field was deleted from Salesforce. After the fix, an error message will indicate that a field used in the job was deleted from Salesforce.

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