Release Notes - Ver 20.208 - January 10, 2022

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • [Bug Fix] When accessing an account and trying to update user profile, the save button was grayed out and user could not save changes. After the fix, there is a notification that the data is being loaded and once completed loading, the save button is available to press.
  • [Bug Fix] When setting a numeric attribute on an Health criteria metric filter and then checking 'Include null values’ it resulted in disappearance of the condition filter. This issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When trying to enable the customer portal after its default state, the portal could not be enabled. The issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] Destination page of campaign did not include a company logo even though was configured on account settings and under theme in campaign settings. After the fix, the logo will primarily be taken from branding settings under campaign’s Theme.
  • [Bug Fix] User was ‘Targeted and met all campaign criteria’ but did not receive a specific campaign due to duplicated addressee configuration on the campaign. The issue was fixed on the email delivery platform level.
  • [Bug Fix] “About the Company” widget on the Overview page doesn’t show changes of updates to the company URL and occasionally does not show a URL link. After the fix, the Widget works properly.
  • [Bug Fix] When sending a webhook with the value that contains "", it failed on the account. The issue is fixed.
  • [Bug Fix] When trying to view the accounts health insights in Totango SFDC widget when the Totango website tab is closed, user was unable to view the insights. After the fix, the insights can be viewed. Clicking 'Show more insights' requires the users to login to Totango.
  • [Bug Fix] Multidimensional Health displayed wrong UI view (e.g. "or" or "and") when there is no value. After the fix, the Multidimensional health will show the attribute name when there is no value submitted.
  • [Bug Fix] Zoe bot Notifications in Slack were missing the Contract Value under Key Information. After the fix, Zoe’s notifications now shows both Contract Value and Roll-up of Contract Value (Sum) as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] Touchpoints metric did not reflect the correct number. After the fix, the value in the Touchpoints metric appear as expected.
  • [Bug Fix] On a Scorecard when creating a new KPI, if trying to add a non-numeric character in a numeric only input it resulted a failure to add the new KPI. The issue was fixed by allowing to submit only numeric values.
  • [Bug Fix] When filtering the attribute "open tasks" in segment using a SuccessFlow type, the SuccessFlow type was not kept when the filter was saved. After the fix, the SuccessFlow appears in the criteria when saving the filtering.
  • [Bug Fix] When hovering over a health metric information, the word “profile” appeared at the end of the attribute’s header. After the fix, the word “profile” does not appear.
  • [Bug Fix] NFS feedback responses that contained “escaped characters” in comments (e.g. \n as a new line) failed to be sent via Slack. The issue is fixed.
  • [Bug fix] When creating a Touchpoint in Totango with a specific formatting, if the touchpoint is being synced to Salesforce and the user does any changes to the Touchpoint on Salesforce, it will lose all formatting in Totango when synced back to Totango. After the fix, the Touchpoint format will stay as originally created in Totango except for changes done on Salesforce to the Touchpoint.

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