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Who can use this feature?

  • All users
  • Available on all plans and license types

Totango offers several educational resources to use Totango and get in touch with our teams.

Product how-tos and feedback

Find quick answers and share your ideas.

  • Product wishlist: Share feedback on Totango products, hear from other users, and vote on the ideas you like best. 
  • Contact support: Contact support from within the Totango application (?) or from our Help Center. Learn more about submitting a support request
  • Community: Collaborate with other Totango users around the globe
  • Video Tutorials: Search for and view videos from within the Totango application (?) or from the Creator Campus videos page. When search from within the app, videos are context sensitive to the Totango page you're currently viewing.
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Self-paced training

Access self-paced courses anytime at Creator Campus.

We recommend you complete self-paced foundational courses prior to attending a live session.

  • Courses: Build skills, earn badges, and unlock new ideas! Courses are 30 minutes or less and cover everything from Totango usage to SuccessBLOC setup to data configuration.
  • Learning Paths: If you're not sure which courses to take, start with a learning path that best represents your role. Complete all courses within applicable paths to be eligible for certification.

Live webinars

Scheduled events allow you to interact with Totango experts.

Visit Creator Campus for all webinar schedules.

Recommended for new admins

  • Live open office hours: Do you have questions on your next steps to take after Totango onboarding? Join us for an open discussion where you can listen, learn, and ask our experts whatever is on your mind.
  • SuccessBLOC Overview: Discuss everything you need to know to about SuccessBlocs: What are they, what are the key features, and how you can start using them from the journey marketplace.
  • Segments, SuccessPlays, Campaigns: Discuss everything you need to know to start building and using these workflow tools.

Recommended for data admins

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Data: From integrating your data sources to configuring your queries correctly, this session helps you get your data up and running quickly.
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Hubspot: Ask anything about Hubspot data in relation to Totango. Get your Hubspot integration on and your data up and running.
  • Let's Talk Usage: Learn about Totango’s usage concepts including how usage is handled, types of usage, and best practices.
  • Let's Integrate Usage: Dive into the different methods to integrate usage, data structure requirements, and use cases for various methods.

Recommended for anyone looking to implement new programs

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