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Configuring Amazon Redshift Connection


 In modern technology, there is a clear need to reuse objects and let the user configure each object  once and repeatedly use it over and over again.
This is the basic assumption of the “Connection” configuration in Totango Customer Data Hub.

Connection to a data source is usually done by Ops or Data teams, and the main idea is that it will be configured once and you can reuse the same connection for several integrations.

Important note, the Data Warehouse integration family is a closed system, therefore, the data source connectors which are created can be re-used for only Data Warehouse integrations and not for other integration families.

Topics covered in this article: 

Creating Amazon Redshift Connection

  1. Go to your Totango instance and click on Global Settings > Data Management > Customer Data Hub > Click 'Data Warehouse' and select Amazon Redshiftmceclip0.png
    (note: you will need Totango admin privileges). 

  2. Create a new connection (or review your existing connections)

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