Product Roadmap (short-term)

See our latest released features or what's in the oven.


Public Beta

These features can be enabled for early release by global admins within Settings > My Account.

  1. Customer Journey Analyzer: Android mobile app | iOS mobile app
  2. Campaigns: Set business hours for campaign emails
  3. Presentation Builder: Create automated PowerPoint presentations for customers using their subscription, usage, service volume, and other Totango data
  4. Canvas: Generate snapshots of your canvases and share them via email or link
  5. Canvas: Label campaigns and SuccessPlays on the canvas, and then filter on those labels, making it possible to visualize multiple journeys in one BLOC.

General Availability

These features are now available to all accounts and users in Totango.

  1. DH: Exclude unused attributes
  2. Field functions outbound: Ability to manipulate data fields for outbound jobs to fit the destination fields
  3. SuccessBLOCs: Improve Marketplace search functionality
  4. Canvas: Multi-select actions so you can build customer journeys faster
  5. Tasks: Reassign open tasks when account ownership changes
  6. Data Modeling: Mark any attribute, custom metric, or hierarchy rollup as "hidden"
  7. AWS S3 connector: Additional and more secured authentication to AWS S3 connector using AWS roles
  8. Touchpoints: It is now possible to count and display touchpoint replies as separate touchpoints or as one touchpoint.
  9. Access Totango’s best practices and guides using our new learning panel with video tutorials.

What's in the oven

Engage with your customers effectively

Presentation Builder |  Campaigns | Touchpoints Templates | Customer Experience Canvas

Presentation Builder

Create and share business outcomes with your customers at regular intervals, enabling CSMs to quickly generate a business review presentation
30 Days  60 Days Up next

Generate your presentation in Slides format

Best-in-class campaigns experience

Easily create and manage campaigns with comprehensive reporting capabilities
30 Days  60 Days Up next



Campaign Flow

Touchpoint scripts

Offer touchpoint users more control and consistency in their customer interactions
30 Days  60 Days Up next

Enable your users to write a touchpoint based on touchpoint template with pre-selected categories and talking points.



Customer experience

Build and report on powerful customer journeys using a familiar and modern user interface
30 Days  60 Days Up next

Segment Progress View




Totango Journey Marketplace


New SuccessBLOC

Add new SuccessBLOCs and operationalize these best practices for successful outcomes
30 Days  60 Days Up next

Grow Your Reference Program SuccessBLOC


Opportunity Management


Frictionless data access and administration

 Data Modeling and Administration | Customer Data Hub

Data modeling and administration

30 Days  60 Days Up next

Customer Data Hub

30 Days  60 Days Up next

Hubspot integration enhancement

Bidirectional sync of opportunities from/to Salesforce



Identify and manage opportunities

Easily identify, create, and manage the lifecycle of sales opportunities directly in Totango, while ensuring organization-wide visibility and collaboration

Opportunity support

30 Days  60 Days Up next
  • Create sales and renewal opportunities in Totango so that you can increase retention and accelerate growth.
  • Create opportunity segments so that you can report on upsell and renewal activity.
  • Bidirectional sync of opportunities from/to Salesforce


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