Add post task completion actions in a SuccessPlay

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins, SuccessBLOC owners, and collaborators
  • Users have view access to SuccessBLOCs that are published to a team; additional access permissions to individual SuccessPlays, campaigns, canvas, and objective templates vary.
  • Available on all plans

When team members complete an ad hoc task, they have the option to include post completion options from the Mark Task as Complete window. Additional options are available when configuring tasks that are created from a SuccessPlay.

SuccessPlay options for task post completion actions

Require a mandatory touchpoint

Require the assignee to enter a follow up touchpoint where appropriate. As an example, when a QBR task is complete, require the task assignee to file a detailed touchpoint detailing the discussions points as part of the QBR meeting.

Add a manual update request

Choose attributes that the assignee should update on task completion, optionally making this update mandatory prior to completion. For example, when an escalation task is closed, prompt the assignee to enter CSM sentiment based on their latest discussions.

Only attributes marked as editable in Settings > Data Modeler page appear in the attributes dropdown. Task assignees must have the "Update account permission" for their account role or team role to update mandatory attributes on the account.

As a task assignee may optionally update other attributes during post completion, regardless of the updates requested in the SuccessPlay configuration.

Add an automatic update

Define the attributes to update as soon as the task assignee marks as complete. For example, when a task is completed during the onboarding kick off, Totango can automatically update the onboarding status to the next stage in the lifecycle.

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