Configuring an OAuth Connected App in Salesforce


In this article, we will discuss how to configure an OAuth Connected App in Salesforce. This step is a prerequisite to configuring a Virtual Collection using Salesforce or when connecting Salesforce to Totango using the CRM Connector.

Creating a new Connected App in Salesforce:

  1. Open SalesForce, go into the Admin page
  2. In Lightning View:
    • Open App Manager under Platform Tools --> Apps
    • Click 'New Connected App' from the header
  3. In Classic View
    • Open Apps under the Build --> Create menu
    • Scroll the bottom of the page, under the "Connected Apps" section click New to start defining a new connected app.
  4. Choose a name for the application.  We recommend something like Totango oAuth application.
  5. Enter the contact email information, for the resource within your organization who will be responsible for any maintenance of this application.  This information is specific to your organization.
  6. Select "Enable OAuth Settings."
  7. Input the following Callback URLs:
  8. From the Available oAuth Scopes select:
    "Full access (full)"
    "Perform requests on your behalf at any time."
  9. Make sure "Secret for Web Server Flow" is check marked
  10. Make sure "Configure ID Token" is check marked
  11. Input "120" in the Token Valid for box.
  12. Click Save. 

Important Note about OAuth Scopes

  • When this Application is authenticated with Totango it requires an SFDC user to perform the handshake.  These settings represent the permissions that the application has to perform on behalf of said user. If you wish to control which objects/permissions this application will have: you can do that by altering the profile that the user, that will authenticate this app, belongs to.

Once you have completed these instructions you will see the page above: Note the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret you will need those for configuration of Totango.  You can always get back to this screen and get those by navigating to:

  • In Salesforce Classic view, go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Apps | scroll down to Connected Apps | click the Connected App Name that you chose in Step 4 (do not click Edit or Manage).
  • In Salesforce Lightning view, go to Setup | Tools | Apps | App Manager | choose "View" from the drop-down menu to the right (do not click Edit or Manage).

Note, it might take up to 10 minutes before your new connected app takes effect on the Salesforce server and can be tested in Totango. 

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