Understand SuccessBLOCs

Who can use this feature?

  • Users who can view items within published SuccessBLOCs (per team) 
  • See more for advanced permissions, including who can and edit items, invite collaborators to, and publish SuccessBLOcs
  • Available on all plans

A SuccessBLOC provides a modular framework to package and operationalize your company's best practices at different points of the customer journey.

For guided training, check out our self-paced course series: New SuccessBLOC Creator

What you can do with SuccessBLOCs

SuccessBLOCs may include the following features to drive and monitor outcomes.

  • Scorecards: Define and track goals visually using one or more KPIs
  • Canvas: Model your SuccessPlays and campaigns into tracks that represent your processes, including stage-based (linear) or situational (non-linear) phases
  • Segments: View lists of accounts and users that you can display in different views
  • Reports: Visualize trends over time, monitor fluctuations, and track changes
  • Assets: Store best practice documentation, such as templates and other reference documents
  • SuccessPlays: Operationalize internal workflows with automatic task creation, data updates, and more
  • Campaigns: Stay engaged by automating customer communications
  • In-app: Engage your users with Totango In-App’s interactive experiences, such as product tours, announcements, checklists, and surveys

What you need to know

  • The SuccessBLOC Marketplace includes pre-built SuccessBLOCs for every phase of your customer journey (e.g., Onboarding, Adoption, Nurture, etc.)
  • Each SuccessBLOC includes a list of account and user attributes that are referenced in the BLOC.
  • SuccessBLOC configuration is an iterative process. Invite collaborators, publish to your team, and activate items as you go.
  • Each team member with access to SuccessBLOCs can customize the menu and select a homepage to see after logging into Totango. 

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