Monitor CSV Upload Progress In Real-Time

Global admin users often upload data to Totango. These uploads are used as one-time uploads for initial set up or as the main channel of updating data in Totango.
Totango gives global admins a way to clearly understand the status of each upload in real-time, on top of the notifications sent.
  • Global admins are able to monitor upload progress in real-time
  • Global admins can easily review in-progress and past upload information in an improved UX 
Use Cases
  • As a global admin, I am able to see real upload time for each completed upload. Upload time is measured from the begging of the file upload till it is seen in the UI.
  • As a global admin, I am able to see the number of records count and upload time progress in real-time for uploads in progress. 
  • As a global admin, I am able to clearly review relevant upload information.
  • As a global admin, I am able to see one-time uploads and concurrent uploads in different tabs. 
* To start uploading a new data file click on “Upload Data” button.
  • The upload time is not available for uploads started before today.
Where To Find It? 
Go to Customer Data Hub page, Global Settings>Customer Data Hub>Data Files
Email Notifications

In case of any failure (including a partial success or a skipped file), the global admin will be notified by an email containing the failure details. Users with access to Customer Data Hub can customize what notifications you receive for file uploads:



Other Resources

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