Use Zoe Web

Who can use this feature?

  • Zoe integration configurations require global admin or advanced permissions
  • Zoe capabilities are offered under unlimited and/or individual user licenses

Zoe Web (direct) allows limited access to Totango features for designated users.

Administration for Zoe Web users

What you can do in Zoe Web

Zoe Web users can use limited features within My Portfolio and account profiles. See feature comparison for more details.

  1. My Portfolio
    • Notifications: See notifications for accounts in your team(s) and act upon them
    • Agenda: View and complete tasks assigned to you
    • Attention: Pin important accounts to attention and revisit them in future
    • My Folder: Create and save private segments
    • Quick actions bar (+): Add touchpoint, add task, add segment

    Limitations: No access to the My Portfolio widget. No quick actions for adding accounts, requesting information, or running SuccessPlays.

  2. Account profile

    Limitations: View-only access to attributes (except lifecycle statuses and updating attributes in post-completion tasks). No access to user profiles. No quick actions for adding objectives, requesting information, or running SuccessPlays. 

  3. Segments

    Limitations: No access to export options or tag automation via segment triggers. Creation of private segments only.

  4. Search and navigation
    • Search for accounts in the team account scope
    • Find shared segments (in the Global SuccessBLOC)
    • Edit your profile (e.g., signature, picture, notification preferences, password)

    Limitations: No access to SuccessBLOCs or global/team settings. No access to send customer information from Totango (Zoe assistant)

Suggested uses for Zoe Web

Let's see how a renewal manager, Anette, might use Zoe Web to manage her renewal workflow.

  1. When a task gets assigned to Anette (by any other team member), she receives an email. Anette can click the email to log into Zoe Web and jump right to her tasks.
  2. From the Agenda tab of My Portfolio, Anette can view the task and perform the work. 
  3. When finished, she can add a post-completion touchpoint and mark the task complete.
  4. All other team members see the notification from Anette's activity.

Feature comparison for Spark and Zoe Web

Use the following table to compare features available to regular users provisioned with a Spark license vs. Zoe license.

Capability Spark Zoe Web
see limitations
My Portfolio
see limitations
Notifications / Timeline
Agenda / Plan
account profile only
see limitations
SuccessBLOCs -
Scorecards -
SuccessPlays -
Campaigns -
Reports -
account profile only
Executive Console -
Customer Data Hub -

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