Use Zoe for ServiceNow

Who can use this feature?

  • Zoe integration configurations require global admin or advanced permissions
  • Zoe capabilities are offered under unlimited and/or individual user licenses

Zoe for ServiceNow allows you to view the following Totango insights in real-time:

  • User: How the users engage with your application (usage behavior), and which platform they used (device, OS, browser)
  • Account: Health, subscription information, teams key information, key metrics, usage insights and latest  touchpoints

Viewing insights in ServiceNow requires ServiceNow integration with Totango.

View Zoe insights in ServiceNow

You must be a ServiceNow and Totango user.

  1. In ServiceNow, open the incident list, and select a specific incident.
  2. Click the Zoe insights button near the caller field. 
  3. A new window appears with tabs for the following:
    • User information
    • Account overview
    • Account key information
    • Account usage
    • Account trends
    • Account touchpoints

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