Power-up! Self-service implementation program

Who can use this program?

  • Global admins on a qualified plan
  • Power-up program availability begins January 1, 2024

The Power-up: Self-service implementation program is for anyone who is setting up Totango for the first time. Through a series of self-paced resources and office hours with experts, power yourself through the process of launching Totango!

What are the objectives of the Power-up program?

By the end of the Power-up program, you will know how to:

  1. Integrate with your first system of record for key account and contact data 
  2. Start managing customer communications and team meetings in Totango
  3. Set the metrics for customer health
  4. (Optional) Build your first onboarding or risk business process in our Manage Onboarding Projects or Detect Risk SuccessBLOCs
  5. Train your team for day-to-day customer management

Who is the Power-up program for?

This program is designed for participants who:

  1. Want to work at your own pace: Power-up is specifically designed for our customers that have a need for flexibility and independence. Using an iterative, self-enabled approach, we'll give you the materials to get started and to keep building your customer journey with Totango.
  2. You sell one product: Businesses who have less complexity or that want to build one program at a time benefit most from this program. Totango allows for infinite levels in your account structure/hierarchy, but this program focuses on flat model or 2-customer levels.

    Refer to our Planning Account Hierarchies course or take our hierarchy questionnaire for more information.

What is included in the program?

This program includes 4 (or 5) key steps delivered via self-paced coursework, with unlimited access to live one-to-many sessions hosted by Totango experts. 

Self-service checkpoints

  1. Orientation: In this short introduction, we'll review program expectations and resources to use when you need help.
  2. Connect data: Use our data planning worksheet to identify the structure for your customer data, and learn available methods for automating. After you successfully create a connection and validate your data, you can proceed to the next level.
  3. Configure Totango: Once your customer data is loaded and validated, prepare Totango for daily use. Customize Totango to your team's day-to-day customer engagement model and configure your health profile profile to analyze your customer base.
  4. (Optional) Build your SuccessBLOC: Through custom coursework, we teach you how to customize a SuccessBLOC for specific business processes. Learn how to build and edit SuccessPlays to automate your workflows, edit the scorecard to reflect your specific goals and KPI, and build or edit segments to dive into your customer data.
  5. Train the trainer: Are you ready to go live? Train your team using Totango and track their progress. Leverage the "Go-live" checklist to make sure you have everything you need for successful launch.

Optional live sessions (anytime)

  • (Optional) Data Ask Me Anything: In this live session, you can get your data questions answered or learn about bringing even more data into Totango. 
  • (Optional) Implementation Office Hours: In this live session, review your configuration or ask how-to questions about everything, excluding data integrations. 

How to get started

Power-up comes complimentary when you upgrade to one of our Starter or Enterprise packages. You'll automatically receive an email from our implementation team to get you started on your journey.

After each checkpoint, we'll guide you to your next steps and get you closer to "Totango Day 1" for your team! 


Question: What if I need a different onboarding program? 

Answer: We can do that too, if you are subscribed to our Enterprise package. Contact your Account Executive for more information.

Question: What if I am not sure what my hierarchy should be?

Answer: We can help! Contact sales and we'll be happy to talk you through it.

Question: How long does the program take?

Answer: You are the boss! The program is designed to be completed in 30 days or less, but ultimately own your own time to launch.

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