Understand SuccessPlays

Who can use this feature?

  • Global admins, SuccessBLOC owners, and collaborators
  • Users have view access to SuccessBLOCs that are published to a team; additional access permissions to individual SuccessPlays, campaigns, canvas, and objective templates vary.
  • Available on all plans

SuccessPlays allow your teams to operationalize consistent internal workflows with automatic task creation, data updates, and more. 

For guided training, check out our self-paced course: Drawing Up Winning SuccessPlays in Totango

What you can do with SuccessPlays

The available actions vary based on type of SuccessPlay (event-based or manual).

  • Create a task: Assign tasks to team members automatically, with dynamic assignees and due dates
  • Request information: Streamline data entry using forms
  • Update information: Automatically update account or user attributes
  • Celebrate milestone: Notify team members about a milestone completion
  • Notify team: Notify the account team about specific conditions on the account
  • Call a webhook: Trigger actions in external systems

What you need to know


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