HTTP API - Quick Reference


Special attributes

  • sdr_s:  Your Totango Service-id  (ex. SP-00000-11)
  • sdr_o: the account’s id (ex. acc_123)
  • sdr_o.account_name: the account name (Display Name)
  • sdr_u: Your user identifier (ex.
  • sdr_a: User-action name (ex. Login)
  • sdr_m: Module in which action was taken (ex. Application)
  • User as Contact - you can control if the user will be shown as a contact:
    • Contact - Add or remove the user to the contact widget.
      • sdr_u.Contact = yes (lowercase) will add the user as a contact
      • sdr_u.Contact = no (lowercase) will remove the contact (and keep the user)
    • Key Contact - set the user as a key contact on the account
      • sdr_u.Key%20Contact = yes (lowercase) will add the user as a key contact
      • sdr_u.Key%20Contact = no (lowercase) will set the user as a normal user (not key contact)

Named account attributes

  • sdr_o.Create%20Date: The Account Creation Date (First Purchase date or when the customer becomes your customer). The value should be a valid date (ISO 8601 format)

  • sdr_o.Contract%20Renewal%20Date: The next Contract Renewal Date. The value should be a valid date (ISO 8601 format)
  • sdr_o.Contract%20Start%20Date: The first day of the current contract. The value should be a valid date (ISO 8601 format)
  • sdr_o.Contract%20Value: The Contract Value (MRR or ARR). The value should be a valid number (without comma-seperator and currency sign)
  • sdr_o.Success%20Manager: The name of the Success Manager (you can update any Account Role - please make sure the Role pre-defined in Totango and use the APi Name).
  • sdr_o.parent_id: The parent account Id (this will create the hierarchy between the parent and current accounts).
  • sdr_o.product_id= The product Id (type)

Custom attributes

  • Any custom attribute can be updated by the API.
  • Use the Attribute API name after the prefix, per the type
    • sdr_o:  Account-level attribute (for example, sdr_o.Plan=Pro)
    • sdr_u:  User level attribute (for example, sdr_u.Phone=555-3232


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