Release Notes - Ver 20.254- October 16, 2023

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Create segments with task data

Filter and analyze customer interactions using task segments. Monitor recently completed, overdue, and various task types, ensuring maximum productivity and visibility into your team's work. Read more


Sync Chorus recordings as touchpoints

Eliminate manual work and create visibility across teams by automatically syncing your meeting recordings to Totango as touchpoints. Read more


Log customer emails as touchpoints with Gmail plug-in

Use the Gmail integration to easily log emails as touchpoints in Totango so cross-functional teams can see all customer interactions in one place. Read more mceclip6.png

Allow access to your Totango account

Access "grants" are a secure way for you to allow the Totango support team to log into your Totango account. When a grant is active, Totango may allow authorized employee access to your instance to diagnose and resolve issues you've submitted or assist with configuration of your Totango account during onboarding. Read more

Bug Fixes

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue occured when adding filters to Outbound Opportunity Integration jobs. 

[Bug Fix] On certain occasions scorecards would not allow saving due to an internal error. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] On certain occasion rearranging scorecards order in a Successbloc would not save. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When refreshing integration configuration page it would revert to Account type integration settings. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Goal achieved in campaigns did not show the correct statistics. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Saving a scorecard that refers to a segment with a date range filter would fail. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved issue where segment filters overlapped with the date picker option filter.

[Bug Fix] Successplay actions are accessible for user type segment when they should be disabled. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Changing multiple field values in user profile would overwrite the previous change. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Webhook notificatio JSON structure was incorrect.Issue is now resolved.

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