Release Notes - Ver 20.248 - July 23, 2023

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Integrate data from Pendo 

Drive more valuable interactions with your customers by integrating product usage data in a few simple steps with a pre-built connector. A Pendo integration allows you to leverage a Pendo visitors report to track page/feature/track elements in Pendo as activity/module usage within Totango. Read more 

Prevent integration job failures with CDH error management

Ensure seamless integration of data by tracking and reporting on synchronization errors, and avoid failures by specifying if an error should be ignored.

Use advanced segment queries in Customer Data Hub

 Eliminate noise and get the perfect view of your customer data using more granular filters with advanced segment queries on the data you sync through the Customer Data Hub. Read more

Bug Fixes 

[Bug Fix] Attribute appeared as editable even though write-back was not enabled. The Issue is now been resolved.

[Bug Fix] Campaign sender signature would not appear when sent.The Issue is now been resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where clicking on 'See more' in a touchpoint with long content would turn the touchpoint blank.

[Bug Fix] Unable to save a segment when a filter contains certain characters like an emoji. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue with Function Editor Formulas when mapping to a Foreign Key. 

[Bug Fix] When Zoe for slack was presenting the Products column under a segment, the value appeared as 'Undefined' although there was products under the account. The issue is now resolved.

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