Release Notes - Ver 20.245 - June 11, 2023

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Unlock Your Path to Success with SuccessBLOCs

Discover how Totango SuccessBLOCS—the foundation of our Composable CS technology—help you drive consistent customer experiences and result in predictable revenue growth. 

Integrate with MS Outlook using SSO

Take advantage of Microsoft SSO to login in and use Totango’s Touchpoint Connect MS Outlook integration to log every email you send to your customers as a touchpoint. Read more

View attributes grouped by dimension in segments

When adding attributes as a column to any segment, your attributes will be grouped and identified by their business dimension.  

Connect objectives to event-based Success Plays 

When creating a Success Play triggered by an event, you can now assign an objective directly from the Success Play setup wizard to better coordinate larger initiatives.

Sync updates to HubSpot in bulk

Write back bulk updates in segments to HubSpot in real time for any attributes where writeback is enabled. Read more

Bug Fixes 

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue with bulk write-back when the account ID had a different case than the account ID in the CRM we were writing back to.
[Bug Fix] The account overview settings were not loading for some accounts. The issue is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where characters appeared on Windows/Mac devices in the touchpoint's timeline and my portfolio page.
[Bug Fix] When saving a negative number as number type attribute on the account profile page would display an error. The issue is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] Touchpoints were not sent to external participants because the user URL appears without a domain. The issue is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] Text type attribute was not editable when viewing attributes filtered with 'Group by Dimension'. Issue is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] When unarchiving an account, tasks of the account got updated and as a result, the task appeared as recently completed under Team Spotlight. Issue is now resolved. 
[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue with searching a child account from the breadcrumb. 

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