Release Notes - Ver 20.240 - April 2, 2023

Log your customer email interactions with the Outlook plug-in

Outlook integration makes it simple to log emails from your Outlook email client as Touchpoints in Totango, so CS teams can see all customer interactions in one place. Read more 

Set default policy for archived accounts

Administrators now have the ability to decide whether accounts that are archived are automatically added to the blocked account list or not. Read more 


Create advanced segment queries in teams and health 

You can now use AND/OR logic and nested filters in your team and health segmentation. Read more 

Renaming Spark and Zoe seat licenses

We are renaming the Spark and Zoe seat licenses to Practitioner and Contributor seats, respectively. Read more

Create OAuth Applications

We've introduced an all new way for third party developers to integrate their applications with Totango using the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Read more

Leverage Shared Drives for the Google Drive Connector

You can now access shared Google Drives when configuring integrations with Google Drive.


Bug fixes

[Bug Fix] "This Page Does Not Compute" error appears when trying to open a segment within a SuccessBloc. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Non-Global admins were unable to update the user attribute from the user profile header page. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When adding collection information it shows ID# instead of display name. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where segments do not return the correct results due to multiple conditions in grouping. 

[Bug Fix] When updating the display name of the NPS/CSAT attribute, the name listed under the targeted users section of existed or running campaigns is not updated accordingly. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Totango formula fields were triggering write-back even though this was not supported. This issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where SuccessPlay tasks would appear in an incorrect order when viewing it in Canvas.

[Bug Fix] The default value configuration was being updated for the account assignment but not for the account assignment tid attribute. This issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where the campaign was not adhering to the established service business hours when the hierarchy level was selected, and there were no team business hours.

[Bug Fix] Bulk archiving and blocking would archive and block accounts outside of team scope. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue with Zapier trigger "Account [New and Value Changes]". Even if an account was not added to the segment and no values were changed the action was being triggered. 

[Bug Fix] Report dates were adjusted according to local user timezone, causing incorrect date range selection. Issue is now resolved.

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