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Who can use this feature?

Video business reviews (VBRs) allow you to create and send personalized videos to your customers at scale. With VBRs, your customers receive an email with a clickable link to open an engaging video with the latest information about their account.


About VBRs

VBRs use video templates that are pre-built by Totango for the following customer scenarios:

  1. Approaching account limits: Prompt customers to take action on their account by showcasing their utilization details, such as enabled users and purchased license consumption.
  2. Quarterly executive update: Demonstrate value to customer stakeholders by showcasing their key account metrics, such as WAU/MAU, active users (90d), and ticket volume.
  3. Upcoming renewal reminder: Prime customers for renewal by showcasing their contract details, such as contract start date, contract renewal date, and contract value.

To create a VBR, simply choose a video template from the Video Business Review component of a campaign:

You can find VBR campaign templates from the template library! VBR campaign templates come pre-configured with starter text, design elements, and the Video Business Review component ready for preview.

All other campaign settings, such as subject and sender, target user segment, schedule, goal, and advanced settings are available to configure just as any other campaign.

Configure a Video Business Review component

To add a Video Business Review component, edit an existing campaign or create a new campaign (from scratch or VBR campaign template).

  1. Open the campaign designer from your campaign.
  2. Click-and-drag the Video Business Review component to the email body. (Or click on an existing VBR component to view properties.)
  3. Click on the component to upload the opening image.
  4. Drop an image file into the window, or click to browse your local file system for upload. From the Video Business Review design properties, optionally adjust the width/height, alt text, and image position.
  5. Select the video template to use.

    Once selected, additional properties appear based on the template. Each template includes a set of Totango attributes that will be featured in the video using each recipient's account data (Metrics Reported).

    For each of the metrics reported, choose the following:
    • Include: Toggle to "off" if you want to remove that attribute from being featured in the video. If an attribute is set to "off," the video will not display that item on the screen, including the label. 

      If you leave an attribute set to "on," but a recipient's account doesn't have data for that item, the video will also not display that item on the screen.

    • Type: "Dynamic" refreshes the metric value each time a recipient plays their video. "Static" uses the metric value set at the time the campaign link is created and will not refresh each time a recipient plays their video.

      For example, a recipient's account has 5 tickets when the VBR was sent. The next day, the number of tickets increases to 10. The recipient then views the VBR, which references the ticket volume.
      • If "Static," the video displays "5."
      • If "Dynamic," the video displays "10."
  6. Optionally track clicks on the link. If enabled, specify a unique name for the tracked link, which you can query within campaign segment filters. Each tracked link must be unique per campaign.

    After the campaign is sent, you can use the "Engaged with [button or link name]" filter in segmentation.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Click Preview and to send a test email for review, featuring data for one of the campaign targets.

When the campaign sends according to the schedule, each recipient receives an email with a link to view their own personalized video.


Question: Can my customers forward a VBR to someone else in their company?

Answer: Sure, just remember that any attribute marked as dynamic in your setup will refresh with every view.

Question: How long are these VBRs?

Answer: VBRs typically run 30-40 seconds. Research tells us that engagement begins to drop quite a bit with anything much longer.

Question: Does every view count toward my allotment of clicks? What if I don’t watch the whole thing?

Answer: Each click does count towards your allotment, regardless of length.

Question: Can I add new attributes?

Answer: No. The available attributes listed for each video template are not configurable. They represent the most frequently requested and reported metrics.

Question: Is my customer’s data safe?

Answer: Yes. Transmission to our VBR viewer is fully encrypted.

Question: How do I buy more clicks?

Answer: A premium feature is available to paying customers after the 90 day trial period. If you find you need more clicks immediately, please contact Totango sales.

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