Release Notes - Ver 20.236 - Feb 5, 2023

Writeback for NPS and CSAT in Salesforce

View NPS scores and CSAT scores and feedback in Salesforce following responses with real time writeback. Read more

Download full data tag in the presentation generator

Back by popular demand, the full catalog of your available data tags is now available again. Click "Find My Data Tags" to easily export your entire catalog of data tags available for use.


Preview CSAT and NPS destination pages

Easily view what your customers will see by previewing the CSAT and NPS survey destination pages directly from the campaign editor.


Bug fixes

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where the order of Category and Status columns under Objective settings is not preserved after editing.

[Bug Fix] When editing a collection record, the edit collection form appears with the hidden attributes still listed as editable fields but no value displayed. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When you resume and pause a campaign, it is not registered in the system as 'modified by'. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When the Provisioning Status is set to 'Suspend' - the Account Status attribute is also changed to a retired value of 'Suspended'. When switching from suspended to active mode, navigating between tabs, and returning, the value reverts to the previous value. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where tasks of archived and deleted accounts appeared in the Team spotlight/work focus.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where creating a segment according to touchpoint reasons didn't populate all the relevant users.

[Bug Fix] When trying to set the value to a numeric attribute as zero in a segment, the attribute did not get updated. After the fix, the numeric attribute can be updated to Zero from within the segment.

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