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List and multi-select list attributes allow the following operators within segmentation: 

List and multi-list

  • Is one of: Find any matching value mentioned
  • Is not one of: Negation of "Is one of"
  • Is not one of or does not exist: Find any matching value mentioned or records without a value assigned

Multi-list only

  • Contains: Find any combination but with all the specified options present.
  • Exists: Find any value set
  • Does not exist: Find records without a value set
  • Has only: Find records with precisely the combination of options specified
  • Has not only: Negation of "Has only"
  • Has at least: Find records with at least X number of options set

Use list filters

  1. Create a new account, user, or collection segment that has a list or multi-list attribute, or open an existing segment.
  2. Click+More Filters to refine the list of results.
  3. Locate the list or multi-list attribute you want.
  4. Choose the filter you want based on the attribute type.
  5. Click Apply Filter. The matching records appear in the grid.
  6. Click Edit Columns to optionally add attributes as columns.

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