Release Notes - Ver 20.235 - Jan 22, 2023

Delete open and overdue tasks separately

Choose to delete only tasks that are overdue and to prevent deleting  all open tasks now that these categories are separated. Read more


Override set business hours for specific campaign

Review and disable or override the business hours rules set at a team or service level for a specific campaign within the campaign editor. Read more


Authenticate webhooks using bearer token or API key

Call a webhook from a SuccessPlay using two new methods of authentication in addition to basic credentialing: bearer token and API key. Read more

Like and share video tutorials

Engage with video tutorials by using the “like” or “dislike” actions and share tutorials with your teammates with just one click.


Log tasks and touchpoints using the Customer Journey Analyzer app (Android)

Use the Customer Journey Analyzer mobile app to navigate to an account page from within a segment and take quick action to log tasks and touchpoints.


Customize your segment progress view

Manage the layout of your account cards directly on the segment progress view with the new card layout editor. Read more


Bug fixes

[Bug Fix] There is no dropdown list for Product ID when added via Rapid Insight Forms on the Account profile page. Issue is resolved.

[Bug Fix] When navigating to the 'All' tab on the Account profile page, the attribute historical type multiValueFixed consistently displays the same value even though the values have not changed. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When adding participants to touchpoints, the selected participants should to be removed from the dropdown list as they are already added. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue with integration job full sync not running after making changes to scheduling.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where Account Tags are displayed in User Segment instead of User Tags.

[Bug Fix] User outbound integration job was deleting contacts from Salesforce even though integration job was disabled. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] For some users, the external participant list in touchpoint segment export contains user ids rather than names/emails. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] The calculation of average aggregation for numeric metrics was not working properly. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Infinity value will now be converted to a numeric value for integrations.

[Bug Fix] When hovering over segment columns, the attribute description was missing. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When aggregation calculations are performed in the Scorecard area, negative values are ignored. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where you couldn't update user email if all licenses consumed.

[Bug Fix] Accounts that meet the criteria for multidimensional health but do not receive the information in the health profile are shown as 'Unknown' health - this occurs when the child's parent has been archived with an 'Unknown' status, and the health calculation considers child accounts who are archived. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] Dynamic data attribute was replaced only in UI but on not when activating SuccessPlay or campaign. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When looking at the mobile preview for campaigns the text is cut out  and scroll down is limited. Issue is now resolved.


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