Use campaign filters

Who can use this feature?

Campaigns include several filters to segment user and account data:

*Must be configured within a campaign.

Suggested uses

  1. Set up a SuccessPlay to trigger a task for the Success Manager to update user information for bounced emails and then request that the user be cleared from the block list.

    Once an email has bounced, Totango's mail provider (Sendgrid) puts the email in a block list. Contact support to clear the user after correcting the bounce issue.

  2. Send a follow-up campaign to recipients who did not or did meet a goal from a previous campaign.

Use campaign filters

  1. Create a new account or user segment, or open an existing segment.
  2. Click+More Filters to refine the list of results.
  3. Choose from one of the campaign attributes. See above.
  4. Click Apply Filter. The matching records appear in the grid.
  5. Click Edit Columns to optionally add campaign attributes to the grid.

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