Release Notes - Ver 230- November 13, 2022

Grow your reference program

Effectively drive long-term loyalty and create references to support your organization’s continued growth with Totango’s “Grow Your Reference Program” SuccessBLOC. 

View segment info in the account preview

Quickly toggle between segment information and the account key info to view attributes, custom metrics, key metrics, or team info that you have added to your segments in the account preview.

Sync touchpoints to the HubSpot call engagement object

Automatically create a call engagement in HubSpot when syncing touchpoint information between Totango and HubSpot.

Right-click to open a segment in a new tab

Easily open a segment in a new tab without leaving the scorecard screen to review more details of a particular KPI card from the scorecard.


View blocked accounts from the archive screen

Clearly see which accounts have been archived and which have been blocked by toggling between two separate tabs in the archive screen. Learn more.


Preview segment directly from the campaign editor

Open the targeted user segment from the campaign editor to validate the selected criteria and view the list of recipients.



Bug Fixes

[Bug Fix] When archiving accounts, child accounts contract value would still taken into account in the parent rollup sums. Issue is now resolved. 

[Bug Fix] Due to Apple's Mail privacy policy, some campaign engagements were not taken into consideration and impacted the accuracy of the campaign engagement bar. Issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where the task editing window does not display a full list of available users from the account (for task association).

[Bug Fix] When creating an attribute in the Data Modeler before creating a collection and the attribute is marked as 'hidden', if both attributes have the same, the attribute will show as hidden in the segment's collection. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When editing touchpoints with external participants, the external users calculation under 'Email participants and mentioned users' section is, in some cases, no accurate. The issue is now resolved.

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