Release Notes - Ver 20.229- October 30, 2022

Open Segment data in Google Sheets

Save time by exporting Segment data directly to Google Drive to open in Sheets or another integrated application.


Exclude unused attributes in Multidimensional Health 

Determine how your business handles attributes with no value in Multidimensional Health calculations by choosing whether to include or exclude those attributes.


Sync unsubscribe attributes to Salesforce

Leverage new attributes to ensure email compliance by automatically syncing unsubscriptions from Totango Campaigns or marketing emails to your Salesforce account.

Add more Outcome Success Plan data in presentation slides 

Generate more robust presentations using new data fields from Outcome Success Plans including Start Date, End Date, Status, and Category. 

View Multidimensional Health in the Totango CS mobile app (Android)

Access valuable Multidimensional Health insights on-the-go with the Totango CS mobile app on Android devices.


Bug Fixes

[Bug Fix] An issue with previewing data within the Snowflake integration job is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue where Zoe users couldn't send an update to a public slack channel using Zoe. 

[Bug Fix] The metric '% change' in health calculation would appear as 'null'. The issue is now resolved. 

[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue with campaign tracking links where it wouldn't track if the url had spaces.

[Bug Fix] The API name for Account Assignments had the wrong tid API. Issue is resolved.
[Bug Fix] For some customers Zendesk Integration was failing, receiving the following error:  "Can not access bind field". Issue is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] We resolved an issue in the Account Profile Page where in in certain cases the customer can't click Submit for forms. 

[Bug Fix] In the Account Profile, under the Usage tab, customers couldn't view the last two months of "View Timeline" activity (EU services only). The issue in now resolved. 

[Bug Fix] When the number of contacts is less than 1000, we can’t add a contact as a touchpoint. The issue is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] When Copying a SuccessBLOC that has multiple SuccessPlays to another team, the SuccessPlays tab appears empty. The issue is now resolved.

[Bug Fix] When Copying a SuccessBLOC that has multiple segment folders to another team, segments don't copy over. The issue is now resolved. 

[Bug Fix] Post completion actions preferences for SuccessPlays would not change according to hierarchy option selected in the SuccessPlay configuration. Issue is now resolved.
[Bug Fix] Updating collection name did not update the corresponding insight form name. Issue resolved.

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